Leading and Managing People-Centred Change

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONThe course features insights from a number of change practitioners,How we get people on board, and engaged with the change process. This is an area I'm very passionate about, because all too often the people involved in the process are overlooked. So the aims of this MOOC, very much, are to help bring us all together to discuss and share ways to tackle some of the challenges associated with this.

Through the three week duration, we'll go from looking at what needs to be considered before embarking on a change, what can and what should happen during a change, and lastly, at the end of the process, thinking about how we can sustain it, how the change can be protected in a way where people won't fall back into old ways of working.

Change is a complex process and with many dimensions. In the time we have together, I do hope you'll find this a useful starting point if you're about to embark on an organisational change of your own, or are looking for support in influencing and developing a change that may already be underway.

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Type:Business Management MBA Provider:Futurelearn University:Durham University Language:English By Teachers:Dr Julie Hodges Time:3 hours per week / 3 weeks

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