Sports and Recreation Management

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BRIEF INTRODUCTION We're going to cover four key areas We'll look at industry participation rates so how many people participate in sports and recreation and whats sorts of things they participate in.

And that will lead us into looking at the various job roles that are available and what sorts of qualifications and experience you will need for each of those roles.

We will look at group management and leadership within the industry.

We'll also then look at risk management because that is an important component of keeping you group safe when you're working in the industry.

We're going to look in detail at those sport and recreation participation patterns.

And we're going to look at the key areas of the different sport jobs or job roles within sport It might be:



sport development

We'll look at fitness trainers Look at administration and management roles And we'll look at outdoor recreation.

And we'll wrap up with how to plan and deliver a sport and recreation session.

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