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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONAfter taking this course, you will possess the foundations to be able to value any financial asset. Specifically, in the course, we will learn how to value stocks and bonds. And we will devote a large part of the course to valuing entire companies.

I have been teaching corporate finance to MBAs for over 15 years.

I also do research in corporate finance and organizational economics.

I have studied firms of all different types and sizes, from the role that large business groups, such as the Korean Chaebol or the Japanese Keiretsu, play in an economy to the ownership structure and control sharing agreements of a small privately held firms.

Lately however, I focus my research on family firms, a common organizational structure around the world.

I have, for example, analyzed the consequences of naming a successor from the family versus a professional manager.

I have studied the motivation of employees in family and non-family firms among other topics.

The material we will cover in this set of courses is based on the course I teach at Columbia Business School.

For our MBA students, this course is a course requirement, since we believe it covers topics that every person who goes into business should know.

Covering the basic concepts of finance, such as the time value of money and the relationship between risk and return.

We apply these concepts through a series of examples, case studies, and hands on activities.

All of these will be done using industry standard tools.

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Type:Financial MBA Provider:edX University:Columbia University Language:English By Teachers:Daniel Wolfenzon Time:3-4 hours per week 4 weeks

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