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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONNow you're ready to start writing essays. In this course you'll first learn what an academic essay is and what it looks like.

Then you'll learn how to write three types of academic essays and you'll get a chance to practice writing those essays. 

This will help prepare you for writing in college classes.

We're going to talk about an important subject for students in American schools, that is Academic Integrity. In American schools, students are expected to do their own work and not copy from other students or from books or other sources. 

Academic integrity is about being honest and doing your own work in all situations. 

But if a student is supposed to write an essay, and she copies from a book or website, she is cheating. This is not acceptable in many classrooms, and it's not acceptable here. 

Copy and paste is easy to do, but it doesn't help you learn how to write. And in American colleges, it can get you into trouble. 

You signed up for this class because you want to learn to write essays in English, or you want to improve your writing. 

You can only learn to write if you practice it yourself. 

So do your own work. 

This will help you improve your writing. And that will help you be successful. 

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