Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONIn this course I'll be teaching you the craft of plot. Together we're going to learn what is plot, how is plot different from a story, how does plot shape a narrative, what makes a strong plot.

We're also going to be talking about story structure, how to show instead of tell by writing scenes, how to edit and revise our work once we've finished our draft of it. And I'll also be discussing with you in the capstone segment what to do when you finished all of your revisions. 

How do I get my work published? Should I self-publish or should I find an agent? How do I write an agent query letter? Hint, it should be as short as haiku. 

What is plot? Plot can often be a scary word for writers because it's the first word we think of when someone finds out we're writing something. Writing a book? 

Your plot is dependent upon these exciting events to set up the climax of your story. This is where we usually meet our antagonist. This is our protagonist's chief opponent. The antagonist of your story tries to put as many obstacles in your protagonist's way. 

How can you break down all of the complicated parts of your novel into one, simple, easy to digest sentence. 

To those of you either writing a novel or thinking about writing one, plot is the main events of a novel or story devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence. 

Now, that's his dictionary definition but let's break that down further. 

Main events mean what happens in your story, literally the actions or events that occurred. 

Devised and presented as an interrelated sequence means the connected order In which things happen in your story. 

Note that word connected. That's a key word to keep in mind and I'll explain why in a second. 

So plot then is this What happens in your story and the connected order in which those events occur? That's it. 

Now, did you catch that in how I just described plot, story is in the definition of plot. 

A lot of people get these two words story and plot confused. What's the difference then between a story and a plot? 

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