English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONDo you want to improve your English skills in the sciences? Do you want to explore some of the most innovative areas of scientific study? Are you interested in learning about the environment? If you're an English language learner and you answered yes to any of these questions then this five week course is for you.

English for STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics will help you improve your language skills and your knowledge of STEM subjects at the same time. 

As a person interested in the community and the world this course will help you feel more confident about your English, and your understanding of the role of science in your daily life. 

This course is designed for high-beginner to low-intermediate English language learners, and does not require any background in science. 

Language teaching, readings, games, and assessments are adapted to your level. 

If you have a higher English level, there'll be some challenging assignments for you, too. 

This course consists of five units. 

We'll start with understanding the difference between global warming and climate change. 

Then, we'll talk about why these are happening. Next, we'll look at the impacts they are having on the earth. Followed by a unit on new technologies to lessen these effects. 

Lastly, we'll look at exciting innovations and collaborations in the scientific community. 

So please join us on this unique journey through language and STEM. 

The lessons may be challenging at times, but we've included some interactive games to help support your learning. 

You can also find supportive friends as you connect with classmates around the world and in your Coursera community. 

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Type:Foreign-Languages English Provider:Coursera University:University of Pennsylvania Language:English By Teachers:Jack Sullivan/Alyssa Swanson Time:5 weeks

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