English for Journalists part 2

Course Description
BRIEF INTRODUCTIONThis course was created by ten different designer-educators from throughout southeastern Europe. It is a self-access course, meaning you can take your time to finish it. There will be many different instructors from across the world involved in the course. This is a unique and exciting international collaboration in journalism.

The prerequisites include:

You must know English well enough to take a course taught entirely in English.

You should have a basic knowledge of journalism, either as a student, a working journalist, or possibly an interest in pursuing journalism as a career.

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Free Speech

Unit 2 – Humor / Satire

Unit 3 – Sports Journalism

Unit 4 – Science & Technology

Unit 5 – Media Trends

Course Tags Foreign-Languages English Journalistic-English English-Courses English-Tutorials Journalism News University-of-California University-of-California-Berkeley

Interested Students

Type:Foreign-Languages English Provider:edX University:University of California Berkeley Language:English By Teachers:Maggie Sokolik Time:3-4 hours per week / 5 weeks

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