Effective writing:Using Email for Networking in English(Business English Networking)

Course Description
BRIEF INTRODUCTIONIn this course, you will learn about writing effective e-mails in English. You will learn how to create good subject lines, greetings, and closings. You will also learn about appropriate tone for different purposes.

Networking is important for job hunters, people changing or entering careers, entrepreneurs, and people in all areas of business. This four-course, 16-week program provides learners with English grammar and vocabulary appropriate to identifying and expanding their networks to positively effect their careers.

Learn the basics of networking while you grow your social network and professional connections. Practice speaking to improve your English language skills for increased success in job hunting.

Who Is This Course For?

Target Audience: This course is designed for people who speak English as a second (or third language) that want to improve their ability to be successful at business networking.

Prerequisites: Intermediate level of English 

Level: Introductory

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Type:Foreign-Languages English Business Provider:edX University:University of Washington Language:English By Teachers:Daphne Mackey/Richard Moore Time:3-5 hours per week / 4 weeks

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