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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONWelcome to the Pre-University Calculus course. In this course you will learn about functions, equations, differentiation and integration.

This course will cover the topics functions,equations, differentiation and integration.

We will introduce each of the topics with a real life example.

After this self-paced course,you will be well prepared to start your university calculus course.

You will learnto understand the mathematical concepts by watching the videos and you will get a lot of practice by doing the exercises.


Functions (part 1)

In week 1 you will be introduced to mathematical modeling and the role of functions to model real-world phenomena. You will learn what a function is and how to describe a function in text, graph, table and formula. You will learn the characteristics of polynomials, rational functions and power functions and their rules of calculation.

Functions (part 2)

In week 2 you will familiarize yourself with other elementary functions: trigonometric functions (sine, cosine and tangent) and exponential functions and their inverse: logarithms.

Equations (part 1)

In week 3 you will learn the role of equations in mathematical modeling. You will learn to solve equations involving polynomials, fractions and square roots. You will also learn general techniques to solve equations.

Equations (part 2)

In week 4 you will solve equations involving trigonometric functions (sine, cosine and tangent) and exponential functions and logarithms. You will also learn to solve inequalities and systems of equations.


In week 5 you will be introduced to differentiation using speed and slope as an example. You will learn to calculate the derivative and practice with the rules of calculation. You will see applications of differentiation, especially to finding maxima and minima of functions.


In week 6 you will be introduced to integration. You will learn the definition and the fundamental theorem of Calculus that relates differentiation and integration. You will also practice with the rules of calculation for integrals.

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Type:Mathematics Provider:edX University:Delft university of technology Language:English By Teachers:Bart van den Dries/Roelof Koekoek/Wolter Groenevelt/Fokko van de Bult Time:6-8 hours per week / 6 weeks

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