Journalism Skills:Gathering and Developing the News

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONSources are the fundamental thing that distinguishes us as journalists.


In this lesson we're going to be talking about sources. Now, remember that sources are the building blocks of good journalism. They build stories but more important, they build credibility. But they only build that credibility if they are good and reliable sources. Sources are where we get our information, and for this discussion I'll break them into three groups, sources generally are people, documents, and images. 

Preparing for interviews:

In this lesson we will discuss how to prepare for an interview. 

good interviewing skills are important for any reporter. Reporters interview bureaucrats, politicians, scientists, other experts, athletes, entertainers and the public, in many of those people may need to be interviewed because they're not necessarily skilled at communicating with the public. 

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