Math in MBA:From algebra to differentiation and geometric series

Course Description
BRIEF INTRODUCTIONThis course is designed to serve as preparation for the maths topics you will typically encounter on an MBA degree programme.

Course syllabus:

Topic 1 - Working with simple relationships

 1.1 Simple mathematical relationships

 1.2 Linear relationships

 1.3 Rearranging linear equations

 1.4 Graphs

 1.5 The form y = mx + c

 1.6 Simultaneous equations

 1.7 Inequalities

 1.8 Linear relationships with more than two variables

 1.9 On your MBA: Calculating the ‘Yield to Maturity’ of a Bond

Topic 2 - Introducing more complex relationships

 2.1 What are complex relationships?

 2.2 Using brackets

 2.3 Powers

 2.4 Roots

 2.5 Non-linear equations

 2.6 Quadratic equations

 2.7 Exponential equations

 2.8 Rearranging complex equations

 2.9 : Complex relationships

Topic 3 - Solving optimisation problems

 3.1 Introducing calculus

 3.2 Tangents

 3.3 Differentiation

 3.4 Differentiation of functions with multiple terms

 3.5 Using differentiation to find the gradient of a tangent

 3.6 Derivative functions and marginal functions

 3.7 Optimisation

 3.8 Using optimisation on your MBA

 3.9 On your MBA: Calculus

 3.10 : Differentiation and optimisation

Topic 4 - Working with sequences of numbers

 4.1 Introducing sequences

 4.2 Percentages

 4.3 Indices (indexes)

 4.4 Sequences and geometric sequences

 4.5 Compound interest

 4.6 Discounting

 4.7 The sum of a geometric sequence

 4.8 The sum of an infinite geometric sequence

 4.9 On your MBA: Dividend and discount model for geometric series

 4.10 : Sequences and financial mathematics

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Type:Mathematics MBA Provider:edX University:Imperial college london Language:English By Teachers:Dr. David Lefevre/Phil Power Time:2-3 hours per week / 6 weeks

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