Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONUse the Nutrs as examples as we explore the origins of the Human Microbiome and examine how its changing through each of life stages.

Every human's microbiome is different and it actually changes during the course of ones life.

Many factors play a role in the development of the Human Microbiome.

During this course, Akke, Bif and Bac will help show us how early life events, like mode of delivery and the just stational agent birth can play a role in siding and shaping the microbiomes that colonise the gas intestinal tract.

We will look to the grandparents to help us explore the changes that take place in the microbiome that can be correlated to the aging process.

When we talk about diet and disease we will discuss the impact that dietary habits have on the microbiome and how the micriobiome is correlated to diet related diseases, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome.

We will also look at the effects of short time dietary changes on metabolism and the microbiome.

Our Nutr family has given us the permission to use them as lab rats, during this course members of the family will undergo some experimental microbiome-based therapies and they will share their experiences with us!

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