Basic Spanish: Getting Started and One Step Further

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONThis Spanish language course is aimed at students who would like to learn conversational Spanish starting with Spanish basics. The course introduces everyday language and includes activities to practice all four language skills: reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.

Welcome to our spanish language MOOC for beginners i'm going to talk about a number of survival expressions

in spanish to give you a flavor of what the language is like

we're going to start with these two

the first one if we want to greet somebody what would we say

we'd say Hola, hello Hola and if we want to say goodbye say

we'd say Adiós Adiós

if we want to say please the expression that we have to use

is Por favor, Por favor two words Por favor

imagine that you would like to say thank you or thanks

we'd say Gracias

and if somebody says thank you to you

we would say De nada, de nada, your welcome

Gracias, De nada

Oh dear! and if we want to say that we're sorry for something

we'd say Lo siendo, Lo siento i'm sorry

now imagine that you would like to say that you don't understand

something somebody speaks to you in spanish any would like to

say that you don't understand them you could say

No entiendo , no entiendo

ok these are very easy expressions to to learn and to repeat

ok so epeat with me Lo siento, No entiendo

now another way of asking somebody to repeat something to say

it more slowly because you don't understand them

we could say ¿Puede repetir más despacio?

could you repeat that more slowly than

¿Puede repetir más despacio?

ok practice that expression too and imagine now that you

would like to know what something is, imagine your in a restaurant

or in a bar and you would like to know what a particular item

is because you're going to order something

we say ¿Qué es esto? and we point to the item

¿Qué es esto? what's this? ok and then they would reply

now imagine that you would like to know where a particular place

is, where restaurant is , a bar

we would say ¿Dónde está..? and then fill in that gap with

the name of the place that we're asking for

¿Dónde está el restaurante?¿Dónde está

el banco? where is the restaurant? where is the bank? ok

¿Dónde está..?

and imagine that your hungry imagine that you would like something

to eat and tell somebody that you would like something to eat

we would say Quisiera comer algo

Quisiera comer algo i'd like something to eat

and after asking bought what that is, after

ordering something to eat and to drink, of course then we have

to pay and we would say ¿Cuánto es?

¿Cuánto es? how much is it? and then we would pay ok so i hope

you've enjoyed this presentation and that you practice these very short

but useful expressions ok bye bye

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