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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONWelcome to calculus one. I'm glad you're in this course, or maybe quest for understanding calculus. Alright, we really are on a quest, you know, we're taking thousands of years of human ingenuity. Right? The sort of triumph of humankind to be able to understand numbers and functions.

All of these insights that humans have had for thousands of years, and we're just distilling all those down to short videos and exercises. You know, and it's not going to be easy, all right. To take thousands of years of insight, and try to cram that in to short online learning modules, it's going to be challenging to understand all this stuff. But I think the payoff is worth it. You know? Anf for me the payoff is worth it, because the concepts in calculus are just really cool. 

Calculus is a huge subject, and it combines just a lot of different topics. You know, a calculus course and this course, introduces things like functions and limits, talk about infinity, talk about derivative, talk about area and integrals. And the big surprise is that all of these seemingly unrelated topics, end up being related. Right? There's connections between all of these different concepts that are appearing in calculus. And I think those kinds of connections are just very exciting. 

Another cool thing about calculus, is that we get to do a lot of neat computations. Alright, we're going to learn how to compute derivatives, compute areas. You know, but don't get me wrong. Right? At the end of this whole process, the goal isn't really to be able to compute things. Right? The goal is insights, it's understanding, it's some appreciation of the concepts, and how these concepts connect together. And doing the computations is certainly a prerequisite to being able to understand those concepts. But I really hope to, to dig deeper, you know, and to be able to see how all of these different ideas within calculus are related. 

It's going to be a challenging quest, but I think it's a worthwhile quest, and I'm glad that you've chosen to join us. Good luck. 

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