Computer CPU Manufacturing:How a CPU is made

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By:MR Trick

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONyou are about to experience a fascinating journey through the clean rooms of the semiconductor industry. c integrated circuits in the making at one of Global Foundries chip factories.

let our experts walk you through the nano cosmos of the atom a world,that normally remains hidden from our eyes,yeah,in the beginning is the circuit diagram,that design centers around the globe experts collaborate to design ,circuit diagrams sophisticated integrated circuits like micro processors high graphics processors and wireless ,communications i sees the next step is manufacturing,the disc substrates for the micro chips are made from courts and and are called,silicon wafers to make these wafers a huge crystal is drawn from purified silicon melt, the result is a perfect silhouette - into which the transistors will later be fitted,however impurities pose a threat to these flawless silicon crystals our Global Foundries manufacture,take extensive precautions every time.

they enter our dust free cleanroom the result are wafers are fabricated in an environment,that is more than 100,000 times cleaner than an operating theatre completely free of dust the silicon,discs arrived at the clean room here 25 wafers are packed into each hermetically sealed container, and sent off on a journey,that will take them through hundreds of manufacturing steps photo lithographic techniques transfer,the circuit structures to the wafers rather like slide projection the key to this whole process is a solid mastery of light.


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