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By:thenewboston By Teachers:becky roberts

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONSEO stands for search engine optimization,if you guys are wondering what the heck of that is it's basically a way ,that you can improve your website's search results ranking.

so basically what i'm trying to say is whenever someone types in,oh no what's this homemade eggnog that your homemade eggnog business is going

to appear at the top of that list,so if you guys are on there and all right that sounds cool,very useful but how do we do it well what we basically need to do is we need?

to figure out how Google works because,if we can figure out how Google ranks,these websites and what formula they use then what we can do is we can go to our website,tweak it to basically look at all the variables and make sure that we appear at the top....

Course Catalog:

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

How Do Search Engines Work? 

How to Help Spiders and Crawlers 

Domain Name and URL Structure 

Title and Meta Description 

Headings and Images 

Using Keywords in Body Content 

Keyword Research 

Link Building Basics 

How to Build Links 


Sitemap / sitemap.xml 

Site Analyzer Intro 

Website Crawls 

Analyzing Crawl Results 

Tasks and Creating Reports 

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