After Effects:A quick tutorial on the SHATTER Effect

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By:themadcowmoo By Teachers:themadcowmoo

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONhi guys make out move here once again,and getting all of the emails and personal messages about my recent tutorial on adding sound of optically,sound effects to its footage life,financial stuff you created and people rather taken by the little kind of text.

intro thing I was working on to demonstrate that now actually made that after effect,so what I'm going to do,today is I'm going to quickly show you the main effect i used for the kind of shattering thing that takes place during, the provo and it's very straightforward,it's always nice people in the right direction a lot of people have after effects,but it's like most things when you get it.

what do you do with it where you start,we're gonna start off here is go to the composition menu select new composition,i'm going to leave this on what are my defaults for this part of the world,which is powe and 75 76 which is standard DVD sighs everything,else ok don't wait too long here,I reckon probably about 10 seconds would do us so just make that like that and 25 frames per second is perfect....

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