How long humans can keep for a long time without sleep

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BRIEF INTRODUCTIONCurrently the longest record is 266 hours without sleep. But lack of sleep can be deadly, and will amnesia, heart disease, accelerated aging, so do not try, and to maintain adequate sleep it.

It is clear that lack of sleep is not dangerous for life (fatal), but it is also a healthy killers such as heart disease, accelerate human aging, memory and so affected, so we have to keep yourself plenty of sleep every day.

One study: 56% of the airliner pilots admit asleep at the wheel, the aircraft is maintained autopilot mode.

Our bodies need adequate sleep, but in theory you can keep long without sleep, if a person was forced to stay awake for a long time, so it would be fatal? When the lack of sleep, the brain and body what would happen?

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